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Loyalty is the foundation of employees in the company, and honesty is the inexhaustible wealth. Employees should consciously cultivate and maintain the work style of being loyal to the motherland, loyal to the company, law-abiding, honest and trustworthy, loving their posts, conscientious and responsible, good at learning and innovation, dare to take on responsibilities, thrifty, modest and prudent, unity and cooperation, obedience to management and orders and prohibitions, and refrain from making statements that are harmful to the reputation of the country and the company, and do nothing that is harmful to the interests of the country and the company.

"Ten Commandments and ten essentials" for Managers

The first commandment is to be mercenary and loyal to the country and to love the post;

The second commandment is to use power for personal gain and to serve the public;

Three precepts are to be honest and trustworthy;

four precepts are to be good at learning and innovation;

Five precepts are to shirk the buck and to bear the blame;

Six precepts are to listen to others and believe them;

Seven commandments are to be depressed and enterprising;

Eight commandments are to be discredited and to be consistent in words and deeds;

Nine commandments are stingy, they should be majestic;

Ten Commandments should be strict when they spoil their subordinates.


"Ten Commandments and ten essentials" of employees

First, we should be loyal to our country and love our posts; 

Second, we should delay our work and improve efficiency;

Three precepts are to be honest and trustworthy; 

Four precepts are to be good at learning and innovation;

Five precepts work beyond authority, to act in accordance with the rules; 

Six precepts prevaricate, to dare to bear;

Seven commandments do not obey the command, but strictly abide by the discipline;

Nine commandments are selfishness, unity and cooperation; 

Ten commandments are stinginess, and majestic.