PMSS's Business/PMSS‘s Culture Industry

China's one belt, one road line, is the main line of the development of Green Shield overseas security industry. It is always the main line of the "international strategy" and "green belt" strategy to serve the Green Shield industry. It is the development strategy of Green Shield group, with the development of Green Shield industry culture as the direction, and economic efficiency as the business objective, and the "Three Combinations". Based on the combination of culture, traditional culture and non-traditional culture, culture and science and technology, the service guarantee function of lvdun cultural industry will be brought into play to provide strategic support for lvdun group to explore the international battlefield. China Green Shield cultural industry investment and Development Co., Ltd. under the company, hired Li Junyan, a photographer from Changchun Film Studio and a national first-class director, to lead the development of cultural industry, established "Green Shield Junyan studio" and built a first-class cultural industry construction team. One belt, one road, along the route of the "one belt and one road" air plant in Africa and Southeast Asia has already launched the traditional Chinese culture film and television project, and the town project of Wei Ting has taken root, blossom and bear fruit, and has achieved initial success.