PMSS's Business/International Safety Training

Security training is the business of China Green Shield international security group for domestic and international customers. China Green Shield international security group integrates the first-class experts in the field of security at home and abroad and the backbone of special forces training in the military as professional training coaches, and employs the instructors from the top international bodyguard training institutions in Israel to teach, forming a strong international security training faculty. At present, Yunnan training base can provide security skills training and safety training for general personnel going abroad. Laos training base can provide international armed security training.

(1) Safety training for personnel going abroad. The training business mainly covers the security training of the public security situation in the host country, the training of potential safety hazards in the mission area, the training of security prevention skills, the training of command skills, the training of weapon operation skills, the training of crisis handling skills, etc. According to the needs of customers, it can also provide systematic training on safety skills before going abroad for the staff of Chinese enterprises, as well as professional skills training for the security personnel stationed abroad, so as to ensure that customers can receive internationally recognized professional training and professional skills.

2Security training. According to the security needs of enterprises, especially foreign-funded enterprises in China, provide their employees with knowledge and skills training on business safety and daily life safety of enterprises in China. It mainly includes domestic security situation safety training, task area safety hidden danger training, safety prevention skill training, crisis handling skill training.