PMSS's Business/Public Safety Insurance

The Green Shield Public Security Insurance Co., Ltd. to be established is the public security liability insurance, guarantee insurance and credit insurance. Including foreign public safety, explosion and terrorism, domestic public place safety, explosion and terrorism, including domestic and foreign short-term life insurance.One belt, one road and one go out strategy for the insurance industry has its particularity, professionalism, creativity, uniqueness and diversity. To promote the insurance industry going out, especially to integrate with the security industry is an important measure to safeguard the interests of China's overseas development. Its social and economic benefits are considerable, and it is of great significance to the country and the people.

Focusing on China's one belt, one road project, we will integrate overseas security and insurance, add insurance services to insurance companies, and guarantee insurance business in security business. This will help insurance to reduce risks and reduce losses for insurance companies, and provide support for security projects through insurance, so as to jointly promote and improve the attractiveness, credibility and reliability of projects, and to promote relevant projects. Provide innovative insurance guarantee and safety services.

Insurance products and services:

  Green Shield's exclusive products for overseas public security cover:

1. Personnel accident insurance, health insurance and overseas emergency medical rescue;

2. Safety risk assessment, monitoring and early warning, on-site safety management, emergency evacuation, kidnapping, ransom and rescue, safety plan and training and other services;

3. Employer's liability insurance.

Green Shield's domestic public security exclusive products and military related insurance cover:

1. Personal accident insurance, health insurance and domestic emergency medical rescue;

2. Involving military insurance, providing insurance guarantee for soldiers, military (military activities), military products, military industry (military scientific research and production);

3. Safety risk assessment, monitoring and early warning, on-site safety management, safety plan and training and other services;

4. Employer's liability insurance.

 With the help of channel advantages, the company cooperates to carry out existing accident insurance, liability insurance, special risk, enterprise property insurance, engineering insurance and other businesses, including:

1. Accident insurance business: personnel accident insurance and health insurance;

2. Liability insurance: employer's liability insurance;

3. Special risks: kidnapping, ransom and rescue insurance;

4. Enterprise property insurance: basic property insurance, comprehensive property insurance, all risks property insurance, machinery damage insurance;

5. Engineering insurance: overseas engineering construction all risks insurance, overseas engineering political violence insurance.