PMSS's Business/Investment Safety Consulting

Relying on its advantages in overseas security resources, lvdun Group strives to develop and expand business information channels in overseas markets, has reliable, stable and accurate information sources, and has established lvdun's international business development information base. in line with The concept of "integrity, confidentiality, timeliness and accuracy" can track the political and economic trends of the target country in a timely manner according to the requirements of customers, provide information resources such as investment environment, market access, credit rating, asset background, business qualification, business ability, investment risk rating and industrial counterparty investigation, and provide customers with comprehensive analysis, prediction or suggestions of relevant information, so as to provide customers with comprehensive analysis, prediction or suggestions Customers should provide true and effective information conclusions to avoid potential risks in investment, market, management, technology, capital, etc.

Service content:

1. Analysis of the political and economic development trend of the target country

2. Comprehensive analysis and evaluation of investment environment

3. Market access

4. Investigation on the credit rating of the opposite party

5. Investment safety risk rating

6. Investigation on competitors in the same industry

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Group president meets with the Minister of equipment department of the Ministry of defense of Laos