About PMSS/PMSS Description

China green shield international security (group) co., LTD., the green shield security Prevention technology group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "group"), green shield international (holding) co., LTD. Is a set of security, financial, trade, culture, as one of the group company, its business includes: overseas and domestic security, public safety insurance, international factoring business, financing lease, the international energy trade, investment, security consulting, cultural diffusion, etc. At present, the business scope is mainly distributed in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Hong Kong and Macao and other countries and regions.


China Green Shield International Security (Group) Co., Ltd. is a Private military and security service company operating under the mode of International PMSC (Private Military and Security Company) under the framework of principles of international law and the Montreux Document. It was registered in Hong Kong in 2015. Overseas security service is the pillar industry of the group, committed to providing reliable security services for Chinese overseas enterprises, Chinese and overseas customers.


Green shield security Preventiont echnology group co., LTD., established in Beijing in July 2018, under the green shield (tianjin) technology development co., LTD. Green shield and shield energy (dalian) co., LTD. (guangdong) overseas security service co., LTD. Green shield international factoring (shenzhen) co., LTD., Beijing Huadong Military Security Service Co. LTD  Zhuhai green shield culture media co., LTD. Green shield construction development co., LTD., sichuan green shield construction co., LTD. Shenzhen shixugaoyang equity funds . , shenzhen jingpongcheng industrial co., LTD. Shenzhen jingmaocheng industrial co., LTD . At present, green Shield Public security Insurance Co., Ltd. is under preparation


China green shield international security (group) co., LTD., wholly owned and holding, taking a stake in the company: green shield financing lease (guangzhou) co., LTD., the green shield security security (macau) co., LTD., China green shield culture industry investment development co., LTD. (macau), Lanmei green shield international investment group co., LTD. (Hong Kong), green shield (Cambodia) security service co., LTD., the green shield (Cambodia) industrial development co., LTD., the green shield international insurance co., LTD. At present, the Beijing command center and training base of China Green Shield International Security Group is  under preparation.


The group has brought together outstanding professionals in security, finance, trade, culture and other fields at home and abroad, and has gathered and established expert teams in various related business fields. Most of the company's security business executives have overseas working experience and rich practical experience in action planning, information anagement, command and control.

Core values of the enterprise:

Honest and Trustworthy, Patriotic Dedication, Striving and Enterprising, Win-win Cooperation

Enterprise purpose

Establish China's own overseas private military and security service companies, serve the country's "go out" and "Belt and Road Initiative" strategy, adhere to customer interests first, adhere to people-oriented, cultural development ideas, actively practice the core values of the enterprise, adhere to unity and strength, build brand with integrity, committed to build international first-class high-end security enterprises, for Chinese overseas enterprises, Chinese and overseas customers to provide reliable safety services.

Overseas business distribution:

At present, the company has set up or is preparing to build overseas private military security service companies, training bases and offices in Hong Kong, Macao, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, South Africa, Chad and other countries and regions, and has obtained security qualification licenses of some countries (regions) according to the laws and regulations of the countries (regions) in which it is based. Next, we will focus on expanding markets in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Enterprise advantage:

The group has a modern, international and professional management and operation team, and a team of professional talents with loyalty, reliability, comprehensive quality, excellent business and strict discipline. The security service field has a macro controllable security system, full-scale and reliable information support, full-time and full-scale risk management and control, and comprehensive security guarantee.